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Company Leader Investigate Leather Industry in Italy

For the exploring of oversea market, the company’s chairman Mr.Li Fusheng and vice general manager Mr.Han Shuguang took a business tour to Italy in November, to research the leather industry and market.Under the guide of our business partner Mr Sandro, they visited several tanning factories, to listen their feedbacks about our product. They also talked over the coorperation in 2011, and signed a contract of  USD 1,000,000. An agreement of importing finished leather from Italy has been reached too. The chairman and manager also investigated the market and potential requirment of other products in Europe.

As a major consumer and developed country of leather product, Italy has the advanced technology and management in leather industry. By learning their advanced experiences,we improved our product quality, exported the wet blue leather to many Italy companies. This business tour brought us the valuable market information for the exporting of our leather products, and the development of Europe market.


Chairman Mr.Li Fusheng at Mr. Sandro’s Office


Vice GM Mr.Han Shuguang Inspect the Leather

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